Sonex Builder Workshop, Feb '05

One of the great things about Sonex is that they provide a builder workshop to all plans holders. The workshop is designed to introduce the new builder to the design and construction practices used on the aircraft, and give them the confidence and experience needed to get started on their projects. Additionally, one guest is allowed with each plans holder. This made it very spouse-friendly for me. It was my hope that with my wife accompanying me to the workshop, she would gain a better understanding of the project, and form more of a personal connection with it. She might even find that she enjoys working with me (wouldn't that be nice...).

Anyway, we had a great time at the workshop. Meeting John and Betty really put a face on the whole operation. Anyone who attends their workshop would have to try hard not to learn anything, or to come away un-enthused about the Sonex. I also met several other builders near me. They will be on the same timeline as me, and it will be nice to have some building friends to call for help!

I took this video (1.7 meg, .wmv format) of the factory's Tri-Gear Sonex and Waiex prototypes flying with AeroVee engines. The video may not be the best quality, but it illustrates one of my favorite things at the workshop....seeing the planes fly.

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Updated: 7 Feb 05