My Workbench and Tool Cart

Taking the advise of other builders, I constructed a tool cart similar to the one shown in Tony Bingelis's books. I needed it big enough to mount the following tools: miter saw, band saw, drill press, belt sander, bench grinder and maybe room for my vise and bending brake.

After doing some mock layouts on the floor, I settled on 40 inches square and 30 inches high. This also kept the materials limited to a single 4 x 8 ft sheet of particle board. I mounted the power tools mainly on the corners so that long pieces would not interfere with the other tools on the cart. The cart got some swiveling Harbor Freight casters. Finally, I coated the particle board with two heavy coats of polyurethane to waterproof and protect it. I am pleased with the end result.

The complete Bill of Materials for the tool cart was:

  • 4 ea. 2x4x10 (common wall stud grade)
  • 1 ea. 4x8 sheet 5/8" particle board
  • 4 ea. 2" x 7/8" Light Duty Swivel Caster (Harbor Freight PN: 41518)
  • Approx. 50 ea. 3" and 1 1/2" drywall or deck screws
  • 8 oz. can Minwax Clear Satin Polyurethane
  • Various lengths of Hex bolts, washers, and wing nuts to secure tools to the cart.
The cut schedule is as follows:
  • 2x4x10: 38", 38", 38"
  • 2x4x10: 38", 35", 35"
  • 2x4x10: 30", 30", 30", 30"
  • 2x4x10: 35", 35"
  • 5/8" particle board: 2 ea. 40"x40"

  • * Note: These dimensions result in a 1" lip of particle board around the cart. This lip is very useful for clamping to.

The workbench was built in the same fashion as the tool cart. The dimensions were 4' by 10' by 30" high. The wood from the Sonex crate was used as the bench top and lower shelf.

The water level is used to ensure a very flat surface, despite the irregularities of my garage floor. Then, the lag bolts in the legs can adjust each leg individually to fine tune it.

EAA Chapter 1000 has a good write-up on their standard work tables. It might give you some ideas on how to build yours.


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Updated: 20 Mar 05