Deburing and Riveting the Wing

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Hmmm.....let's see. 12 ribs x 20 holes per rib, 2 sides = TONS OF HOLES to debur! Sounds like a case of carpal tunnel syndrome. So, I used a big scotchbrite wheel in my drill to smooth out the holes. This worked great. It didn't countersink the holes, and I did the whole skin in 20 minutes.
The skins have been debured and the inside cleaned out of all drill shavings and other assorted junk. Best of all, the clecos are installed for the last time.
The empty holes were pre-filled with rivets. There are over 300 rivets on each the top and bottom sides of this wing.
Aft Skin riveted.
Bottom riveting complete.
Top riveting complete! I still need to fit the hinges for the aileron and flap, fit the wing tip, and fit the root doubler.
The aileron hinge has been drilled and fitted, and now the top skin can be riveted to the rear spar. I took lots of care to ensure the hinge line was straight and wouldn't bind or drag. This should pay off in the air.
The aileron is pined in place (more for my satisfaction than anything!). It fit nicely, but the bolts on the counterweight rubbed on the last rib, and cause a bit of binding.
To cure the binding, I filed the bolt head down a bit, and gave the last rib a few whacks with the plastic tipped hammer. That created just the clearance the bolts needed. The aileron swings perfectly now!
Fitting the flap hinge. As before, I drilled this hinge while connected to another half of hinge. This keeps the hinge straight, and helps reduce any binding.
Unfortunately, my aileron and flap didn't quite match up. This is undoubtedly due to the position of the hinges. The only way around this is to very carefully align the hinge to the rear spar first (those holes are already there!), then fiddle with the hinge placement on the flap itself. At this point, to fix this I would need to remove both halves of the hinge and fit new ones :-(
This picture shows that my rivets fall right in the middle of the hinge (that's good). To move the flap inward, the rivets get unacceptably close to the edge.
I think I may just live with the slight misalignment here.
The right wing is nearly complete! All that is required now it the root doubler and wingtip.
The left wing ready to rivet.


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Updated: 16 Oct 05