What's Been Happening the Past Year?

Well, it's been a year now since N604X first flew, and about the same time since I last updated the website. A lot has happened in the past year, unfortunately though, not much of it had to do with the Sonex. To recap, in brief, I finished my previous assignment for the Army, a very time-consuming company command, in which I was working 12+ hour days, six days a week, and was rewarded with another time-consuming assignment, this time a deployment back to the sunny Middle East. After I first flew the plane, I was mystified by very high cylinder head temperatures. I could hardy get airborne and climb to pattern altitude without CHTs climbing to 450+ degrees Fahrenheit. Adjusting the AeroCarb mixture could not bring the temperatures down enough, and I was very concerned about permanently damaging the engine. My hope initially was that after the engine broke in some more it would loosen up and run cooler. However, I was having other problems as well, which I'll detail in another page.

Anyway, while I worked through some of these problems, that deployment I mentioned put a stop to any further test flying. All told, I only got about 15 hours in before leaving. I did, however, upgrade to the new Fence Baffles that Sonex developed. The new baffle kit was easy to install, and produced an immediate drop in temperatures.

Now that I'm back home, I've got a few things on my hit-list to take care of before getting it back in the air and finishing my flight test hours. I'm still working through some higher-than-desired engine temperatures, but I have some ideas to try still (adjusting the oil cooler intake size, tweaking the baffles, sealing leaks, adjusting the ignition timing). My new job will be working at the US Army Corps of Engineer office at Fort leonard Wood, Missouri. I hanger my plane at Lebanon Municipal Airport (LBO). I'm not actually moving anymore (I was going to move to Kansas City), but rather just changing jobs.

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Updated: 1 Dec 07