Installing Wheel Pants

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The wheel pants first require a bit of filling and sanding around the seam. I used a mixture of epoxy and micro spheres (dry micro) for this. Next, the cutouts for the gear legs are made.
Next, the gear leg fairings required a bit of touch up trimming now that the cowling was in place.
The plans do not detail how to keep the fairings in place, so I devised a simple tab with a nutplate on it. The plate is attached by the lower engine mount screw.
The fairing is then secured with an AN525-8R6 screw
The gear leg fairings look pretty good with the pants on!
Each wheel pant has 1 bolt that threads into the end of the axel. Locating this hole accurately required a special tool. I used a short length of piano hinge rod inserted into the axel hole. The rod is bent downward and free to rotate (but taped so it doesn't fall completely out).
With the pant back on, the rod is rotated to several positions and lines extended guiding onto the pant. Where they cross is the center of the axel hole!
The brake backplate is drilled and tapped for 10-32 bolts.


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Updated: 18 June 06