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Pre-bent glareshield blank from Sonex. The plans give concise directions for trimming the blank. It seemed to fit very well.
Prior to actually trimming the glareshield, I gave one last thought to modifying my panel to sit more vertically than the standard 30 degrees tilt. Several builders have done this to give more room behind the panel, and some just like the looks of the vertical panel better. I sat in planes with both types of panels, and they both felt OK to me. So, not needing more room, I decided to keep it stock.
The panel blank. It seems fairly thin, but I'm sure that it will be sufficient when it is riveted in place.
I used my 18" brake to bend the flanges.
This worked, but was not terribly precise due to some interference of the flanges with each other.
Fitting the glareshield and panel into the fuselage.
Drilled and clecoed.
Fitting instrument panel cross tie.
The glareshield is attached to the upper firewall with F07-09 and F07-10 clips. The plans have you make them from pre-bent 90 deg stock, then re-form it to the proper angle. On mine, this resulted in an uneven clip, and it looked terrible. So, I used some scrap and my 18" brake to make new ones. They turned out much better.
Fitting the clips to the firewall. This really stiffens everything up!
I had decided not to purchase the Sonex upholstery kit. However, I like the look of the gray glareshield cover. My solution was to get some very thin, lightweight carpet from Home Depot and make my own. I purchased 3 ft for about $10, and it was more than enough for the job.
Instead of making a pattern for the cover before hand, I simply rolled out some fabric and started marking and cutting. This seemed to work fine.
After a few iterations of trim and check, it was sitting nicely. My plan it to attach it to the glareshield with double sided tape once the cockpit is finished and painted.
The semi-finished product looks good so far, and the price was certainly right.


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Updated: 23 Jun 05