Oshkosh 2017

What a great show AirVenture was this year! In homebuilt camping we had 7 Sonex airplanes in "Camp Sonex", possibly others scattered about in various areas, and at least 8-10 more on the show line by the Sonex booth. To everyone that I had the chance to meet and talk with, it was really a pleasure to meet with you all, catch up, and talk airplanes! What a great community of builders and pilots we have, and it makes the experience so much more rewarding!

Traffic was brisk in the booth, and the Sonex crew got a good workout. Factory tours were booked up all week, and I trust it was a very productive show for Sonex. I'm sure they're looking forward to some time off to recover and catch their breath!

Going home I had a gentle 3-5 mph tailwind at 8500 ft (a nice change from headwinds everywhere I seem to go!), which had me home in 5.8 hrs, averaging 141 mph over the 820 mile trip, block to block.

See you all next year!

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Updated: 31 Jul 17