New Begginings - Sonex #1374


After loosing #604 I decided to take some time off and pursue other aviation interests. Ever since college I had been interested in paragliding so I bought some gear, took some lessons from the ParaToys factory trainers, and spent the next 3 years or so learning powered paragliding. I really enjoyed the minimal nature of flying PPG. A calm evening flying low above the fields is about the best flying you can have!

But, eventually, I began to think about another building project. As predicted, I went through a variety of project possibilities, but eventually I came full circle back to the Sonex.

I enjoyed the way I built #604. The configuration, the choices I made in equipment, all of it was pretty good. But, this time around, I would have a chance to do a couple of things different. I would stick with the same basic config - dual stick, tail dragger, but this time I would go straight to the Jabiru engine, I'd include a more capable panel, and spruce up the interior with custom leather upholstery. I'd even get that smoke system finished that I'd been planning.

I won't go into a full report of the build this time around, but I'll attempt to show some of the custom touches I put into #1374.


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Updated: 15 Nov 13