"N604CM" - What's in a Name?

  The registration number I chose for Sonex 1374 is "N604CM". Like many EAB builders, the choice of N-Number holds special meaning. As many of you know, my previous Sonex was #604, registered as N604X. A logical choice for 1374 might have been N1374X, or N1374S, or some variation of that. But I felt this was the wrong direction, especially after the traumatic loss of 604. I needed something to tie me back to those earlier experiences, and pay homage to my roots.

As a military officer, I'm used to acronym and jargon. The military uses acronyms for everything. We even have acronyms inside acronyms. It's possible to have entire conversations without using real words at all!

A common Army acronym is used after a unit has stopped to rest, conduct reconnaissance, deal with a problem, or paused to report to their higher headquarters: "Charlie Mike". This is the phonetic pronunciation of "C" and "M", the acronym for "Continue Mission".

This is especially meaningful to me. After loosing 604 I felt blunted, numb, and ready to take some time off. I felt like "taking a knee" (another Army concept of taking a break). But all that was behind me now as 1374 was ready to take flight. I was ready to get moving again. I was ready to continue the mission and "Charlie Mike"!

N604CM is my way of announcing to everyone that I'm back in the fight!

Blue Skies,
- Jeff "Boomer" Shultz -


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Updated: 27 Jan 14