Misc Wing Details

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The bottom skin has an inspection hole to allow access to the aileron bellcrank. The first step was to drill the holes for the nutplates.
The nutplates will be held inplace by flush rivets, so the skin is dimpled.
The nutplates are riveted in place.
Finally, the edges are cleaned up witha maroon scotchbrite pad to take off any sharp edges and the inspection hole is finished.
The factory root doubler for the right wing in really just a 2" wide strip of 0.032" aluminum. It comes pre-punched and cut to size.
The only problem was that it didn't fit :-( You can see the waviness in the doubler when it is clecoed in place.
The bottom side was even worse. This doubler simply would not do! I needed to make a new one.
I started by making a template of the wing end profile and rivet locations.
I used some computer paper wrapped around the wing and marked edges and holes. The idea is that I can then transfer this to some new material and get the perfect shape.
The pitot tube is supported through 4 guide plates. The blanks are cut from scrap 0.032" aluminum (flap skin trimmings).
I laid out the dimensions and drilled one to use as a template for the others. These are not terribly complex parts, but this seemed like the easiest way.
All 4 guides clecoed together and the large holes being drilled.
The guides are drilled and primed.
Since I didn't have plastic snap bushings, I checked out the local hardware store and found some rubber grommets. They dropped right in and seem to work fine.
Fitting the left wing root doubler was easy and without problems. It fit so well that I think there was something seriously wrong with the right doubler. Maybe I'll go back and compare it to the plans to figure that one out...
Left doubler has been drilled and is ready to rivet after the wings are rigged to the fuselage.
The mystery of the right wing root doubler is solved. The doubler is not quite symmetrical, although it is -REAL CLOSE-. I simply flipped the doubler over and it fit great!


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Updated: 21 Nov 05