2015 Mile High Fly-in
Colorado Springs, CO

  Another great year!

Our second annual even went extremely smoothly with a great turnout of flying Sonex aircraft, numerous active builders in the greater Colorado area, and a few interested individuals who wanted to see Sonex aircraft up close and learn more about them.

By my count (admittedly incomplete), attendance included 5 flying Sonex aircraft, 1 Sonex project (with Turbo-AeroVee), approximately a dozen various other aircraft (T-28, L-4, Vari-eze, 5 RV's, and a few other GA types) and approximately 40 people. The furthest traveled award once again went to Ron Sipple from Kansas City who made the trip via Southwest to attend, with a close second to Robert Lennon of Sante Fe, NM who drove in.

The presentations were interesting and well received. Gary Motley gave a terrific talk on assembling and rebuilding the AeroVee, and fielded lots of questions for future Aero-Vee pilots eager for tips. John Gillis talked about his "Speed Cowl" mods, which may not have made his plane any faster but it sure looked fast sitting there! Carl Benda rand his Turbo-AeroVee to the delight of the crowd, and showed off how neat the installation is, and how great the turbo sounds.

The weather held out for us until after lunch, when clouds started building and people started heading out to beat the coming rain. Carl Benda once again brought his original VW Minibus with mobile BBQ stand and party wagon to cook lunch, and aside from a ceramic pot of baked beans that exploded on the grill, lunch was great.

I'd like to extend my thanks to everyone who helped put on the event, including special thanks to Sonex pilots John Gillis in his Red and Yellow "Speed Cowl" Waiex, Gary Motley who flew his well-traveled AeroVee Sonex "Hound Dog", John Lingwall is his highly polished Jab-powered Sonex, Mike Niedenthal in his vinyl-wrapped Sonex still in Phase I flight test, and Carl Benda who towed his wing-less Sonex fuselage to show off his newly installed Turbo-AeroVee. My Sonex "Checkmate" rounded out the stable.

Next year's event looks to continue the great turnout and include several other Sonex projects that might make the switch from project to airplane by then. I hope to see everyone back again in 2016, and look forward to meeting some new faces and future Sonex builders as well!


Ron Sipple's Pictures (DropBox)

Carl Benda's Turbo Run Video (YouTube)

John Gillis Fly-by Video (YouTube)

Patrick Webb Smile Ride Video (YouTube)

Ron Sipple Smile Ride Video (YouTube)


Original Announcement

Announcing the 2nd Annual "Sonex Mile-High Fly-In"! (May 16, Colorado Springs, CO)

Update! Due to some unforseen scheduling challenges, we've had to move the date for the fly-in. The old date (June 13) has been scrapped in favor of the new date: May 16, 2015. Hope to see you there (still....)!

Fellow Sonex Builders, Pilots and Friends,
I'm pleased to announce the second-annual "Sonex Mile-High Fly-In"! Please come join builders and pilots from all across Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region for an afternoon of camaraderie and information sharing.

The event will be held Saturday May 16, 2015 near Colorado Springs, CO, at Meadowlake Airport (KFLY). Fly-in's and Drive-in are welcome! Arrivals will start around 8:00 am, and the programs at 10:00am. We'll fire up the BBQ for lunch with burgers and dogs around noon.

The presentations will be informal and interactive, allowing current builders and pilots the chance to pass along what they've learned to others. Some of the topics may include "Cowling Modifications", "AeroVee Assembly and Rebuild", "Jabiru FWF Installation Tips" and a review of the plans and building process. Just recently Sonex Builder David WIlcox agreed to talk about his cowling modifications and his oil cooler driven cabin heat system.
Several of our local pilots plan to give "Sonex Smile Rides" as a way to show off the attraction of a Sonex and to hook future builders!

Meadowlake Airport is situated south of Denver's airspace at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. It's easy to get in and out, and makes a great destination. Our event will be held in the MLAA Hangar right off the approach end of Runway 15, with pleanty of parking and ramp space. If you plan to stay overnight, accommodations are close by and dry camping is available on the field.

Come out and support the Colorado Sonex Mile-High Club and make some new friends in the process! I look forward to a great turnout.

For more information, questions or to RSVP, please contact me at sonex1374@gmail.com



Download the Flyer (pdf)


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