Leading Edge Wing Skin

I went about fitting the leading edge skin just like the tail surfaces. I first drilled and celcoed one side, then flipped the wing over and use straps to pull the skin around to meet up with the aft skin. The pre-punched holes were right on! There is, however, a significant amount of tension on that first cleco, so keep the straps on until there are several clecos holding the skin in place.

As I worked toward the front radius, it got harder and harder to keep the skin flat on the ribs. The tension in the skin wanted to balloon up. To get around this tendency, I removed the first two rows of clecos from the other side. This let the skin balloon up on the bottom instead. That's OK though.....that side is already drilled!

The leading edge skin gets flush rivets, so I was back to using my hand dimpler :-( I definitely don't care for this part, but it did go rather quickly. I also put in some 1/4" OD polly tubing to serve as wiring conduit. I'm not installing wingtip strobes or lights, but should I wish to later, the conduits will be there.

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Updated: 4 Sep 05