First Parts: Cutting Interior Curves

  Several parts made of angle stock or flat sheet have interior curves in them that poses a challenge to cut out. Cutting with the band saw will allow minor curves while cutting, but the wide blade is really designed to stabilize the cut and keep it going straight, not curving.

I have done this in the past by cutting or drilling a series of holes into the interior of the part (the area that needs to be removed). This allows you to come back with a different type of saw and get at the remaining material easily. Finally, the edges are dressed with a file to smooth things out.

NOTE:  photos link to full size image

Here is the part in question, SXF22-05. It has a 3/4" radius cut out that is too small for a circle cutter or band saw, but too large for a drill bit. So, Unibits were used to quickly relieve a 1" diameter hole of material.
Now the bandsaw can be used to get rid of a bunch more material.
The band saw can be used to nibble away material, as I am doing here.
Cutting and shaping is finished.
Part is dressed with a 10" half round file.
Filing the radius is complete.
Next, the edges are cleaned up on the belt sander in preparation for deburing on the scotchbrite wheel.
Finally, all edges are debured, rounded, and polished on the scotchbrite wheel.


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Updated: 18 Oct 04