Horizontal Stabilizer

  There is not much to tell in building the horizontal stab. Things went together well, and I had no major problems. The hardest part is simply getting the ribs fabricated accurately from channel stock. The critical item here is the overall length. If that is correct, they will fit and line up with the pre-punched holes in the stab skins. Mine were very close, and most of the rivets were right down the center of the rib flanges.

My brother came to visit over Memorial Day weekend, and helped me on the horizontal stabilizer. Together, we assembled the spars (the extrusions were completed several months earlier), fabricated the ribs and clips, and fitted the skin on the left side. All this in only a few hours of work! It really went fairly quickly.

All the internal members were primed with zinc oxide. Once again, this has proved to be a quick and economical solution. I used one and a half cans to fully prime the stab. This works out to about $10 in primer, and about 30 minutes of my time!

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Updated: 5 Jun 05