Assembling the Forward Fuselage

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All the forward fuselage parts were complete prior to this point, and ready to be fit and drilled.
I started this prior to priming the parts, but in retrospect, it would have been just as easy to prime them first. I am really sold on the ease of using the spray can primer.
If you look closely at this picture, you will notice the center two vertical angles are wrong. The flanges should be towards each other, not facing away like I have them here. Yep. Screwed those up. Had to remake both of those.
After the parts are primed, they are clecoed back together and preped to rivet.
You can see the wing opening doubler riveted on the outside of the fuelage side. This is NOT a mistake. This doubler will be inside the wing cavity, and will not be visible.
The motor mounts get hefty bolts instead of rivets. Incidentally, this was the first permanent assembly that I completed!
Side panels completed.
I had to try it on for size. Nope. Still not big enough to make airplane noises yet (at least out loud...).
I wanted to see just how strong the rivets were. So, I made up this test piece from some scrap. Grabbing the metal with my leatherman, I tore it loose by failing the metal. The rivets were still set firmly. I was impressed.


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Updated: 28 Mar 05