AeroVee Fence Baffles

  When Sonex announced the release of their new Fence Baffle System for the AeroVee, I was one of the first builders in line to order one. My engine temps were higher than I wanted, and the promise of drastically reduced temperatures sounded great! The baffle kit includes laser cut pieces and the associated rivets and materials needed to install them.

As usual, the quality was outstanding, and the kit went together with very little difficulty. My only complaint was that the rubber grommets that provide chaffing protection for the spark plug wires were not included in the kit.

NOTE:  photos link to full size image

The laser cut parts as they are received from Sonex.
The bend lines are detailed on the plan sheet provided. The flanges need to be bent, but this is a piece of cake.
The entire process took a weekend of work. The longest part was trimming the top of the baffles for the baffle seal. You can see how much more of the engine case and especially the head is exposed to the cooling air.
The initial test results have been very good. Temps were reduced by about 50 degrees!


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Updated: 22 Sep 07