Installing the Engine

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I thought this section would be more complicated than it really was, which was very easy! Instead of showing everything I did, I'll just highlight a few things below.

The intake elbows and intake "Y Pipe" fit together with a rubber hose coupler. The problem is that the Y pipe is smaller in diameter than the elbow. Cranking down on the hose clamps seemed to create a tight seal, but I'm still a little skeptical.
The Y Pipe is attached to the engine case via a welded metal strap on the bottom of the pipe. This strap will connect to the lower case bolt, and prevent the Y pipe for wobbling all over the place. Trouble is, the strap isn't pre-drilled, nor does it line up with the case bolt very well. I had to make several bends in the strap to clear the bottom of the lower mag, as well as line the strap up with the case bolt. Then, the strap was drilled for the bolt.
The engine is on the mount. It was a pretty easy job. The hardware kit doesn't include the large diameter washers to go against the rubber shock mounts. I had to order some.


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Updated: 29 Jan 06