Center Sport Trainer Controls

One of my goals for #1374 was to use it for flight training for my kids. I needed to ensure that controls could be reached from either seat. Sonex publishes an optional plan sheet for the "Sport Trainer" configuration, which includes the mods to move the flap and brake levers to the center between the occupants. I like the location, but not the way the Sport Trainer configuration is executed. The levers ride on the outside of a central rail that is cantelivered off the spar tunnel. I fabricated a plate that would capture both levers and provide the detent positions for the 15 and 30 degree flap positions, as well as a parking brake detent.

I also modified an AeroConversions throttle quadrant by cutting approximately 1/4" off the top portion and smoothing the profile so it wouldn't interfere with the panel. I removed the red annodizing using "Easy Off" oven cleaner, and then had all the parts powder coated to match the panel and canopy frame.

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Updated: 15 Nov 13