Spar Carry-Thru Box

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Forward carry-thru "Z" getting fitted. The "Z" attaches to some extrusion on the fuselage side walls. These rivet holes are very tight against the side wall, and I had to use a long drill bit to reach them. You can see how the rear extrusion is in the way of the drill bit.
Rear carry-thru "Z" being fitted. It was about at this point that I realized that perhaps I should have NOT riveted both those extrusion onto the side wall. If I had left them in cleco only, I could have very easily removed on to provide easy access to the other. Lesson learned here.
When I went to countersink the holes in the extrusion, I knew I had made a bad choice on those angles! There was absolutely no room to get a countersink tool in there. At this point I went down a major dead end road by trying to leave the angles riveted to the fuselage. It's sufficient to say that you MUST follow the plans on this. If you try to leave angles riveted when they are not supposed to, it will make wing rigging impossible, and you'll just have to drill them out when you get to that stage anyway!
Another shot of the carry-thru box, looking at the back side of it.
Then the gussets are attached to the corners.
Looking at the carry-thru box from the front side.
Looking down the inside of the tunnel. You can see some of the flush rivets already installed. This is so the spar won't hang up when inserted into the tunnel. The rest of the rivets will be installed later.


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Updated: 22 Apr 05