Other Approches to Bending the Front Horizontal Stabilizer Spar


All these photos came from either the SonexTalk or SonexBuilder Yahoo Groups website. I do not know when or by who they were initially posted.

This is a bending brake specially constructed for the stab spar. The down side to this approach is that the brake will take some amount of time (???) to fabricate and from builder reports, the aluminum is prone to sliding out of alignment once the bend is started if not clamped REAL tight.
Another variation of a vise pole brake. This one is much less crude! A word of caution though. I found it important to place the aluminum centered between the jaws of the vise. If it is above the jaws like seen here, it tends to push the dowels together and out of alignment.
Bending over a radiused wood mandrel. No dimensions were given.


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Updated: 13 Jan 05