Battery Box

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The plans show a battery box constructed from 0.032 aluminum sheet. The kit doesn't include the material for this, nor is it a pre-cut part. However, it is very straightforward to layout.
I wanted to incorporate a firewall stiffener into the box. To do this, I used a 1/2" 6061 square tube. I shortened the length of the battery box floor by 1/2" to compensate. The square tube will be riveted to the firewall, then the box riveted to the tube. Here, the radiuses on the corners have been put in and the part is being trimmed.
Cut, trimmed, and ready to bend.
The bends were done on my 18" brake. I used scraps of 0.032 material to increase the bend radius of the bends.
The upper edge of the box has a rolled edge. This was done mostly by hand with a hand seamer. Also completed are the hinges and latch.
I used a length of 1/2" square tube on the bottom of the box to strengthen the firewall. This reduced the firewall flexing quite a bit.
I mounted the box in a location close to where it is shown in the AeroVee Installation Manual. The difference was that I moved the whole box towards the center of the firewall. This will allow the battery to be removed from the top and not run into the Engine mount tubes.
The box will be riveted with the factory heads on the firewall side. Unless someone dives under the panel head first, they won't see them anyway :-)


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Updated: 27 Nov 05