Qty Item Description Source Part # Notes
1 Poly Water Line Tubing, 3/8" OD- 1/4" ID, 25FT Home Depot Wing Wire Conduits
1 36" long 3/16" diameter solid zinc rod  Home Depot Spar Rigging Alignment Pins
2 6061-T6 Rudder Cable Fairing Spruce 12-00635 Optional…try to make first
1 A-790 Red Knob Control Cable, 6 ft Spruce 05-08172 Mixture
1 A-750 Vernier Control Cable, 6 ft Spruce 05-07772 Throttle
2 Adjustible Screen Door Spring Hardware Store (National Mfg. Co, P/N N172-114 V75)
2 AN816-6-6D Fitting Wicks Oil Cooler Fittings
2 AN912-4D Bushing Wicks Oil Cooler Fittings
1 Antenna AV-534L VHF COM Spruce AV-534L Comm Antenna
1 Gascolator, Usher 4 Spruce 05-00632
4 Lacquer Thinner (qt) Hardware Store Clean aluminum and remove ink marks
1 L-Shaped Type Pitot Tube Spruce 15135  Optional (instead of plans version) 
1 Mini Fuel Valve 1/4" Spruce 05-23325  1/4 Turn Fuel Shutoff, Brass 
1 NACA 2-place vent kit Vans Cabin Vents
1 Odyssey PC625 battery  PC625 1-800-952-6462  www.abatterystore.hypermart.net/index.html
1 Oil Breather Seperator, ACS Homebuilders Spruce 10570 Air Oil Seperator, AeroVee
2 PCV Rubber Elbow, 5/8" x 1x2" Napa 630-1415 Connection to air-oil separator
2 Ray Allen stick grip Spruce 11-09930 w/PTT Button
24 RV wing root channel, ft Vans Gap Seal for Wing and Tail
2 White Nomex Felt, 6' pk, 1 1/2"w x1/8"thick McMaster-Carr Fuel Tank Cushion
12 Zinc Oxide Primer, can Wicks A802 Rattle Can Primer