AIRCRAFT: _______ Sonex, SN _______


ENGINE: __________, SN __________

PROPELLER: __________, SN __________


(This Annual) (Last Annual)

DATE: _________________ ________________

TT AIRFRAME: _________________ ________________

TT ENGINE: _________________ ________________

TT PROPELLER: _________________ ________________



Inspection Item









Registration/Airworthiness/Operation Limitations Present




Aircraft Identification Plates Installed




All Cockpit Placards and Labels are Installed and Legible




Experimental & Passenger Warning Placards Installed




Weight and Balance/Equipment List Present




Skyview Updated with Latest Software, Database and Maps




Wash airplane. Remove all oil/grease from belly and inside cowling. Remove interior upholstery. Clean interior, cockpit floor, under-seat area, and baggage area.









Check Spinner for Condition and Security




Inspect Prop for Cracks, Nicks/Stone Damage, or Delamination




Check Prop Hub Area for Crushing, Water Damage, Delamination or Burning. Inspect Bolts, Bolt Holes and Bushings every 200 hrs.




Re-torque Prop Bolts to 17 +/-3 ft-lbs (200 +/-20 in-lbs)




Check Prop Tracking (Max 1/8 off at tips)




Rebalance Prop After Making Any Repairs




Replace Prop Flange Cap Screws every 500 hrs; Torque Cap Screws to 30 ft-lbs.









Perform Periodic Maintenance per Jabiru Maintenance Manual




Warm Engine until Oil Temp is 90-100 deg F




Perform Compression Test (engine warm)

#1______ #2_______ #3______ #4______#5______ #6______




Drain and Replace Oil (3.25-3.5 qts, + Optional 3-4 oz Cam Guard)



Replace Oil Filter (Cut Open and Check for Metal); Torque Filter Hand Tight




Inspect Engine for Leaks at all Seals, Sensors, and Gaskets




Inspect Cylinders for Cracks/Broken Fins/Exhaust Stains




Check Exhaust Pipes/Flanges/System for Security, Attachment and Condition; Torque Attachment Screws to 8 ft-lbs




Inspect Front Crankcase Seal for Damage or Leaks




Inspect Engine Case, Accessory, and Mounting Bolt Torque




Inspect Engine Mount/Bushings




Inspect Oil Recovery Bottle and Engine Breather Line




Inspect Intake Manifold and Manifold-Intake Tube Seals for Security/Leaks




Check Rubber Intake Tube Couplers for Heat Damage, Cracking, and Security




Inspect Magnetrons for Mounting Security, Heat Damage (Discoloration), Frayed Spark Plug Lead and P-Lead Condition




Inspect Ignition and Wiring Harness, Cap and Boots for Condition and Continuity




Clean and Gap Spark Plugs (NGK D9EA) to 0.022-0.024, Apply Anti-seize Lube and Torque to 8 ft-lbs (72 in-lbs)




Remove Rocker Chamber Covers; Inspect Rocker Arms, Pushrods, Valve Stems, Valve Springs; Note Oil Color, Quantity, and Evidence of Carbon Blow-by in Valve Guides




Inspect Engine Baffles and Gull Wing Inter-cylinder Baffles for Cracks/Condition




Inspect Oil Cooler, Cooler Flanges and Mounting Brackets, Oil Filter Adapter (Donut), Oil Lines, and Oil Pressure Sensor




Inspect Carburetor, Rubber Boot, and Clamps for Condition and Security




Inspect Throttle & Mixture Controls for Proper Travel, Cable for Cracks or Kinks, Loose Hardware, and Overall Security




Clean and Re-oil K&N Air Filter (K&N Recharge Kit)




Check Cowling for Cracks, Chaffing, Heat Damage and Security; Remove All Oil and Residue




Inspect Cowling SouthCo, Receptacles and Mounting Plates




Replace Flywheel Bolts every 500 hrs









--Firewall Side--




Battery (Security, Mount, Cables, Free of Corrosion)




Battery Box (Security, Mounts and Corrosion)




Relays (Battery Contactor, Alternator Disconnect, Starter Relay, all Diodes)




Filter Capacitor (Wires, Screws, Mount, Condition of Capacitor)




Alternator (Stator) AC Leads, PIDG Terminals for Burning/Corrosion, and AC Wire-Loom Covering




Wiring Harness Loom, Sensor Wire Bundles, and Firewall Pass Thru Points




Rectifier/Regulator (Condition, Corrosion, Heat Damage, Connector, Terminals, Wires, Mounts); Re-grease with Dow DP4 Dielectric Grease




Fuses, Fuse Blocks, and Wiring for Condition and Security




Grounding System (Cables, Grounding Block, Terminals, Main Engine Ground Cable) for Condition and Security




--Cabin Side--




Visually Inspect Under Panel for Loose Wires, Chaffing or Damage




Switches for Secure Mounting, Secure Terminals, Evidence of Arcing and Proper Operation




12v Accessory Sockets for Security and Proper Operation




Seat Warmer Switches, Wiring, and Heating Pads for Chaffing, Overheating and Proper Operation




Fuel System:





--Firewall Side--




Fuel Cap and Rubber Plug for Condition, Operation, Chemical Damage and Secure Fitting




Fuel Tank Vent System (Obstructions, Damaged Rubber Coupler, Secure Clamps, Kinked Drain Tube)




Filler Neck Drip Pan (Sealant Degradation, Leaks, Alignment)




Fuel Placard Properly Legible and Affixed to Fuel Cover Door




Fuel Line for Chafing/Leaks/Security/Condition




Inspect Quick Drain Valve (Mounting Security, Leaks or Damage)




Draw Fuel Sample to Check for Water and Contaminants (4-8 oz); Test for Ethanol Content: Ethanol = ________ %




Disassemble and Clean Fuel Filter Internal Screen




Fuel Line Heat Shielding, Reflective Tape, and Insulation




--Cabin Side--




Leaks, Weeping Fittings, Corrosion, Contamination Under Panel




Shutoff Valve, Bowden Cable Pull Lever, Cable Clamp and Cable Attachment Bracket




Flow Sender for Leaks or Damaged Wiring




Fuel Line Under Panel for Chafing/Leaks/Security/Condition




Aux Fuel Intake Hose, Molded-in Tank Fitting, Check Valve, and Fuel Hose Pigtail for Leaks, Damage, and Security




Low-Fuel Monitoring Camera for Mounting Security, Alignment, Tank Markings, Tank LED Lights













Fire Wall for Distortion, Cracks, Missing RTV Sealant at Edges, or Degraded Firewall Penetrations




Cowl Mounting Hinges (Excessive Wear or Damage)




Lose/Smoking Rivets, Lose Bolts, Cracked Skin




Fuselage Splice Plate Bolts for Looseness or Evidence of Movement in Joint








Canopy Latching Mechanism for Damage, Cracked Plexiglas, Missing Spring, Legible Placard Installed




Instruments, Pitot/Static/AoA Lines, Labels and Marking for Condition and Security




Remove Seat (Cushions and Seat Pan) and Inspection Covers




Wing Attach Bolts, Mounting Angles, and Adjacent Skin for Deformation, Cracks, Missing Hardware, Security




Seats, Seat Belts/Shoulder Harness for Security and Attachment




Upholstery (Condition, Velcro Security, Cleanliness, Seat Warmers and Wiring)




Inspect and Service ELT (Clean/Replace Batteries, Antenna Cable, Mounting Tray) (Bat Exp Date:__________________)




COMM, ELT and Transponder Antennas (Security, Corrosion, Proper Grounding); Re-lube with DP4




Rudder Pedals for Cracks, Operation and Security of Bolts/Cotter Pins, Fraying or Kinks in Cables




Flap Control Operation and Bolts for Security




Control Stick for Wear, Freedom of Movement, and Security of Bolts/Cotter Pins




Lube Control Triangle Bushings and Elevator Pushrod Link and Bellcrank Bushings (LPS-1)




Baggage Compartment Sides and Floor for Cleanliness, Condition and Security




Rear Spar Carry Thru for Condition, Wear, and Security of Bolts




Remote Transponder, Connector, Antenna and Mounting Tray




Elevator Pushrod Support Snap Bushings for Wear, Security and Condition; Lube Bushings with White Lithium Grease




Landing Gear:





Remove Wheel Pants and Gear Fairings




Wheel Pants for Cracks, Damaged or Elongated Holes, Stripped Nutplates




Gear Leg and Intersection Fairings for Cracks or Excessive Wear




Gear Leg Stiffeners for Delamination, Cracked Fiberglass and Broken Wood Inserts




Wheel Pant Mounting Plate (Cracks, Loose Bolts, Alignment)




Inspect Wheel Alignment and Tire Wear Pattern




Wheels/Tires for Cracks, Tread Depth and Serviceability




Jack up Fuselage and Remove Wheels; Inspect Gear Leg Upper Bolts (AN4-33A) and Axel Socket Lower Bolts (AN4-16A); Replace every 500 hrs





Inspect Brake System for Air Bubbles or Loss of Fluid Pressure




Remove Brake Calipers, Wheels and Bearings




Verify Brake Pucks are within Limits




Brake Discs for Wear, Rust, Warping, Damaged/Missing Hardware




Brake Lines for Chaffing or Cracking




Axle Weldments and Mounting Tabs for Cracks, Corrosion, Elongated Holes




Wheel Bearings, Remove Old Grease, Repack with Automotive Wheel Bearing Grease




Replenish Fluid in Brake Master Cylinder; Bleed as Needed using Dexron VI ATF

(Alternate ATF Fluid: Type A, Dexron II/III, Mercon V)




Check Tire Pressure; Fill to 40 psi




Re-install Wheel Pants and Fairings; Loctite (blue) All Fasteners; Use New MS24693C273 (aka AN507C1032R10) 1032 x 5/8 Flush Stainless Steel Machine Screws (12 Total) and AN525-10R11 Screws (2 Total)









Remove Inspection Plates/Fairings




General Inspection of the Exterior/Interior of Wing




Popped Rivets/Cracked/Deformed Skin




Wingtips for Lose Rivets, Cracked Fiberglass




Flap/Aileron Attachment (No Play or Slop)




Aileron Bellcrank for Wear, Security




Flight Control Hinges/Rod End Bearings/Bellcranks (Check for Binding and Excessive Wear)




Corrosion (Internal Skins, Front and Rear Spars)




Flight Control Bolts/Pins for Safety and Condition




Lube Rod Ends, Hinges and Bushings (LPS-1)




Pitot/Static Probe for Obstructions, Security, Tubing Connections; AoA Port Rivet for Obstruction, Security, and Tube Connection









Remove Inspection Plates and Tail Fairing




Inspect Vertical Fin and Stabilizer Attach Points (Under Fairing Bolts, Tail Post Bolts, Horizontal Stab Bolts)




Inspect Elevator Trim Tab (Cable Wire, Hinge, Attachment Hole, Free Play)




Inspect Rudder Control Cables (Fraying, Ends, Attachment Bolts)




Inspect and Lube Elevator Pushrod Rod End (LPS-1)




Inspect Fiberglass Tail Tips (Cracks, Scuffs, Security)




Inspect Fiberglass Tail Fairing (Cracks, Stripped Screw Holes)




Inspect Tail Wheel Pushrod (Cracks, Damaged Rod Ends or Threads)




Clean and Lube Tail Wheel Bearings and Pivot Arm




Inspect Tail Wheel for Tire Wear, Rotate Orientation as Needed




Operational Inspection:





Visual Inspection of the Engine/Propeller/Cowling




All Inspection Panels and Fairings Secure




Proper Fuel In Tanks




Idle Rpm/Mixture Check




Static RPM (Run-up) Check: Idle RPM____________


WOT RPM_________ Oil Temp ________ Oil Press ________





Logbook Entry and Signoff:





Record All Findings, Repairs and/or Work Performed and Sign off Inspection and Maintenance In Aircraft Log Books.


I certify that this aircraft has been inspected on ________ in accordance with the scope and detail of appendix D to part 43, and was found to be in a condition for safe operation.

Signed _______________, A&P/Repairman #





I hereby certify that all requirements in this annual condition inspection report have been met, and I have determined the aircraft to by airworthy.


Signature _______________________________________________ Certificate # (A&P or Repairman) .



Maintenance Data


Oil 20W-50 or 15W-50 Multigrade, (Phillips XC 20W-50, AeroShell 15W-50)

W100 Ashless, Dispersant


Oil Capacity 3.0 3.5 qts


Oil Filter Fram Extended Guard XG4967 Napa Gold 1394

Bosch 3311 Purolator L14476 (or PER4476)

Royal Purple 10-2840 Baldwin B33

K&N HP-1003 Mobile 1 M1-103


Air Cleaner K&N RU-0630


Coil Gap 0.010 - 0.012


Spark Plugs 12mm NGK D9EA


Spark Plug Gap 0.022 - 0.024


Torque Data


Prop Bolts AN6 17 ft-lbs (+/- 2)

Rocker Cover Cap Screws 1/4" 6 ft-lbs

Valve Chamber 1/8 NPT Plug 5 ft-lbs

Cylinder Head 5/16 20 ft-lbs, 24 ft-lbs (new)

Intake / Exhaust Cap Screws 1/4" 8 ft-lbs

Spark Plugs 11/16 8-10 ft-lbs

Flywheel Bolts 5/16 32 ft-lbs

3/8 36 ft-lbs

Alternator / Coil Bolts 1/4 8 ft-lbs

Crankcase Cap Screws 1/4" 10 ft-lbs

Crankcase Main Studs 3/8 30 ft-lbs

7/16 35 ft-lbs

Oil Drain Plug 1/2 14 ft-lbs

Starter Motor Bolts 1/4 8 ft-lbs


Operational Data


Max RPM 3300 rpm (3200 rpm static)

Idle RPM 800-1000 rpm

CHT Range 250-350 F (396 F Max)

EGT Range 1200-1375 F (1450 F Max)

Oil Pressure 33-76 psi (40-60 psi cruise)

Oil Temp 160-220 F (175-195 F Cruise)


Download the Annual Condition Checklist (word), (pdf)